Welcome Home!

We started Come Home to Connecticut TM to serve people whose hunt for their ancestors brings them to New England, either literally or figuratively. Even if your ancestors are not from New England, we have the professional expertise to help you with your research.

For clients interested in New England's historic houses and sites, antiques, and collectible objects, we provide professional, in-depth research.  During our decades of genealogical and historical research, we've found that our clients can benefit from the kind of knowledgeable assistance we provide.

We love genealogy and history!
We live in New England and know New England's past and present intimately.  We are also very experienced in researching outside of New England.  We like nothing more than mining archives, libraries, town halls, and historical records to locate information about a person, family, or object...nothing is more exciting than finding that elusive piece of information!

We know "where the bodies are buried"
We know where the records are, and more importantly, what they are likely to reveal; how to access them; and how to extract the most information possible.  We can research locally and beyond.  With more than 60 years of combined experience researching in Connecticut, New England, and beyond, we can offer in-depth knowledge that no book or website can provide.

If you want to trace your roots, we offer a variety of services to assist you in your quest.

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Come on in, look around, and discover how we might help you.

Welcome home!

Diana Ross McCain 
Carol R. Whitmer, Certified Genealogist®