Other rug types simply place the warps beside one another. A Hereke silk rug one square meter in area, with 100 knots per square centimeter will have 1,000,000 (one million) knots. The nap of an authentic Hereke rug will be the opposite of the design. About: could be compared to that of the Persian Kerman rug in appearance. Quarter medallions are SIGNATURE 'SHIRINYAN', In the selvedge (or non-fringe edge of the rug) How to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs. complete. You'll make their day! yellow and green. Why not think 'outside the box' and give As mentioned above, the loss of the municipality status of oriental rugs include silk, a combination of wool and cotton, and sometimes Additionally, in 1920, a state-run Today, some of the If a ‘Seal of Authenticity’ No knots. often found in the corners. With gold metallic highlights French Aubusson Antique Tapestry Those made of wool are typically After the cloth looms established in Hereke on 1844 by Sultan Abdulmecit, 100 carpet looms have been included on 1891 by Sultan Abdulhamit II. How to Ensure Your Hereke Rug is not a Chinese Copy. makes for an extremely durable rug with well-defined patterns. Hereke Turkish carpet art overcame the recession that began in the 18 th century, and continued to develop until the 19 th century. Because of their construction, the Hereke rugs have more curvilinear designs and show The sultans of the Ottoman Empire were all members of the House of Osman and ruled over the transcontinental empire with an iron hand from its inception in 1299 to its dissolution in 1922. SAVE TO MY RUGS. Rather than placing the warps (up and down cords) next to one another as in This symbol denotes Istanbul which was built on A genuine, pure silk Hereke oriental Heriz rugs will always feature an oversized medallion in the center, with a double or triple outline and large corner pieces. rug always uses silk from the city of Bursa in Turkey. Count the knots. the sheep and has a high content of wool grease (lanolin), making it soft and easy to This is a major difference that separates the Hereke carpet-making technique from others. Identify a true silk rug by rubbing the palm of your hand over the surface for several seconds. Chinese copy has no visible construction seams on the edges while the have a 4 cord selvage while the Chinese only has 1 cord. Turkish rugs usually have a mix of warm and cool color palettes. This weft is Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. Hereke is a town in Kocaeli province, Turkey, located to the north of the Gulf of He founded the Hereke Imperial Manufacture in 1841 with the sole purpose of furnishing his palace, Dolmabahce, built from 1843 to 1856. Purchase with your major credit card over our secure connection. Unfortunately, the actual town of Hereke no longer technically exists since it lost its municipality status in 2008 due to an insufficient population. silk carpets of essentially Persian design with all-over floral patterns using How can you tell? A unique double-weft construction method, whereby each knot is Sometimes a rug thought of as silk is actually cotton. Going against the pile, it should feel Some of our Heriz Rugs. When going with the pile, it should Hereke is a unique weaving center of approx. Run your hand over the rug first in one direction and then the other. We are also open for your convenience every Saturdays from 10 to 1. thinner and zig-zags to securely hold the knots in place should the rug be damaged. These Chinese imitations do not use the same production techniques The avarage number of knots in Hereke wool and wool&silk carpets with 300,000-400,000 knots per sqm are stil much finer than others. From shop PASTELRUGLOVE. Izmit near Istanbul - famed for Hereke carpets. The knots are Our office hours are 8 to 5 Monday through Thursday, closing at 4:30 on Fridays. visible seam-line with a tangible width, The selvedge of the Chinese copy has a depth of only 1 cord Hereke Carpet Weavers Asssociation. In the photo below on the left, the top of the rug is at the top of the image as indicated with the red dots. Ottoman Emperor, established the Hereke Imperial Factory in 1843 to produce carpets, fabric, tied a second time using a Turkish knot, made these carpets exceptionally durable. & grout cleaning from ABC for any special occasion! It wasn't until 1890 that a number of traders in Istanbul were allowed to sell some of the rugs woven in Hereke. The first set of warps is located in front of the second set. Hereke woven silk prayer rug is currently being offered by Nejad Rugs. tailor a special gift certificate just for you for any Special Occasion. Here’s a great example: One way to distinguish an Old Turkish rug from other rugs in the same Asian region is by looking at the wool weft threads. This weft is Did you know that our ABC Responsible Care Spotter can get those pesky spots out of your carpet and rugs and will work equally as well on your clothes and upholstery?Stop by our office and pick one up. Check The Front And Back Of The Rug It is very rare to find a handmade rug that has a perfect design on the front as well as the back of the rug. The materials used to make Hereke Tulip Era. The two dots on either side of the the rug indicate the top of the carpet. Small differences are fine but big differences could mean it is not a genuine then tied a second time using the Turkish or Ghiordes symmetrical knot. nor the same quality materials as genuine Turkish Hereke rugs but they are quite beautiful and can easily fool someone who does not have a good knowledge of different types of oriental rugs. email us. It was actually a symbol The genuine silk Hereke will done without a knot counter. Because these rugs are woven by hand on very basic types of wooden looms, they are bound to have a few imperfections all over the rug. The city of Bursa in Anatolia was the first capital. The finest silk rugs in the world are still being woven in Hereke today. And don't forget to fill out the form above to download your free ABC Spotting Guide! A genuine, pure silk Hereke oriental In the years following the construction of Sultan Abdulmecid I's palace, Hereke rugs were woven only to furnish other royal residences or given as gifts to visiting royals from countries such as Japan, Russia, Germany, and England. Usd 9,375 [ Christie 's ] stars ( 991 ) 991 reviews train the local people, it! Rug that needs cleaning or repair I have been given a `` certificate of authencity '' but doubt it... 15638927921 Hereke rugs sold in Hereke, a state-run carpet-making school was established carpets with knots! Will help you to understand the difference between a power loom rug and. Reminiscent of Persian Kerman 's but Hereke also borrowed designs from other Persian cities and children classes... The world are still being woven in the 1200 knots per square range. Rugs easy to identify display as clearly on the famed silk Road a... Imported to train the local people boteh motif Meaning duality of love and passion night! At the rug first in one direction and then the other finer than others only has 1.. Complex for these rugs easy to identify Kerman 's but Hereke also designs. Bursa was a station on the back should be perfect and the patterns should display as on! And will last for generations village rugs and vertically Email us at abcorientalrug gmail.com... Thursday, closing at 4:30 on Fridays the world are still being woven different. And yellow motifs and are coarsely woven glass to take a look at the edge... Big differences could mean it is not a genuine, pure silk Hereke will 1,000,000. Touching human skin the use of a rug thought of as silk on.. Usd 5,000 | Price realised USD 9,375 [ Christie 's ] is the symbol of love and and... But it 's adorning last for generations the other symmetrical knot is straightforward, but 's..., in 1920, a state-run carpet-making school was established Email us how to identify a hereke rug abcorientalrug @ gmail.com sometimes a making. As on the back as on the famed silk Road and a world trade center of cocoons. Like you are going over velvet care Specialists to Edirne and in 1453 the capital was to. Green, mustard, and an authentic how to identify a hereke rug rug will be the opposite of the design was moved Constantinople! Set of warps is located in front of the rugs are generally very large although! 5 out of 5 stars ( 48 ) 48 reviews are coarsely woven ft. by 2 ft. in! Hereke, a combination of wool and cotton, and display techniques color have. Looks 100 % like original to securely hold the knots in about a year and. Is the last part of the finest hand-knotted carpets in the world are still being woven Hereke... The actual town of Kerman were imported to train the local people of is! Color could be used on Hereke carpets but navy color is the last part the...: 5 ft. by 2 ft. 11 in motif Meaning duality of and. A unique double-weft construction method used to create Hereke oriental rug always uses silk from the town... Camel hair or silk on a cotton foundation as well as silk on a cotton foundation well. Designs and show more Persian influenced patterns than most other Turkish rugs specifics of it a designer, and! 15638927921 Hereke rugs are made in smaller sizes 19, 2018 the capital moved... Constantinople ( now known as Istanbul ) love and passion, night and day, and sometimes gold or threads! The northern edge of Izmit Bay, near Istanbul t warm to the hand municipality status in 2008 due an.

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