Ugh, I haven’t started the pack yet as I am still finishing my last pack of OTC. The plaintiff may receive a lump sum.If an agreement is not reached, the case will go to trial. Press J to jump to the feed. Although there isn’t much info on it as I believe it is specifically sold in Canada only. It also controlled my acne. ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN is also used to treat moderate acne vulgaris in females 15 years of age and older, who have no known history of allergies or problems taking birth control pills, and have started their menstrual cycle ("period"). To be fair, though, I've experienced that with all hormonal BC methods. Two weeks in I got my period (which is two weeks ahead of schedule). That said- Ortho Tri Cyclen probably will not make your headaches worse and it isn't known to have any common serious side effects so you should be ok in taking it. Teva (Vestura) 1 (888) 838-2872. In any random group of educated people, it would probably be easy to get a consensus regarding the dangers of steroid use or synthetic hormones by men. I’m so sorry to hear this!! I switched from OTC to Tri-Jord. Norgestimate/Ethinyl Estradiol is the drug name. Jun 9, 2012. rubyslippers New Member. Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney in Chicago, IL. I’m also very interested to hear other people’s experiences with tri-Jordyna or other generic versions! She's irregular so didn't know she was pregnant for 4 months! Includes 1487 patient ratings with average score of 2.8, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age, time taken. I've been on Ortho TriCyclen for nearly 6 years. My periods actually became lighter and lasted shorter. nameless generic, just labeled with the hormones and dosages, Can confirm many years ago I took Ortho Tri-Cyclin and my pharmacy started giving me Tri-Sprintec instead. - Emm rubyslippers, Jun 9, 2012 #1. Bring on the downvotes. Also following for a similar situation! I have taken Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo and it is probably my favorite BC pill. Ortho cyclen is very effective at what it does and out of all hormonal birth controls has made me the least crazy. I was on Tri-Cyclen LO and then switched to Tri-Cyclen. I've been on both. ), I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for about 2 years, when I first started I gained around 20lbs in the first couple months, But I never noticed any increased hunger or sex drive side effects. I'm getting an IUD next month simply to reduce hassle and for long-term. I did have longer and heavier periods, and I felt (and others noticed) some mood changes. The hormonal birth control pill was not a solution I'd considered with any seriousness until recently. So sorry to hear that!! What were your side effects? 5. To be fair, I've been on 2 other brands and handled those fine as well. I'm not sexually active though so that's not much of a risk for me... my doc put me on it to try to clear up my acne. I really hope I like it. Went off it once for a few months and my acne flared terribly, so I’ve been on it ever since. I've been constantly nauseous and dizzy so far... Really hoping this isn't a long term side effect . Something to keep in mind with all hormonal birth control- other medications can affect its effectiveness. I used 2 months worth of Tri Jordyna and honestly I'm not liking it :( my acne immediately flared up when I started using it and it's not going away..I am now going to be starting Alesse. Avvo Rating: 10. Handy! Press J to jump to the feed. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Ortho Tri-cyclen review. I have no breakthrough bleeding. I started taking ortho tri-cyclen birth control pills since august 4, 2013 to help regulate my periods. 3.5 1218 reviews. They likely discontinued it because generics were taking up too much of the market share. If it's a generic for OTC then it's pretty much same-same: same hormones in same dosages. I've got a very high sex drive, am never super-hungry, have a lighter period than I did before the BC. Do you guys have any information on Tri-Jordyna? My sex drive was reduced, but not drastically. My periods were a lot shorter and lighter and it was awesome for my complexion. But aside from that, no major issues. Or would you have any other suggestion as replacement for the Tri-Cyclen? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I don't know if it would have improved over time. Just switched to tri-Jordyna after two years of using tri-cyclin.. thankfully I’ve had zero changes in switching over the last two months (which I was SUPER nervous about as tri cyclin has helped my acne loads). This may have been due to the hormone difference though.After hearing all the horror stories about other types I'd recommend this one for sure.Edit: I can also predict when my period starts to within a few hours. I was on Yaz for years but my insurance will not cover that specific pill any longer, so this year I started Ortho tri cyclen. Not alone & that others are on the LO version of Ortho and. Use issue is n't a long term side effect both reduced my cramping way truly... With all hormonal birth controls has made me the least crazy so far pill about! That worked for me at all, emotional-wise Tri-Cyclen Ortho Tri-Cyclen review was just told yesterday that Ortho Tri-Cyclen been! Exactly ( incl has made me gain weight or gave me breakthrough bleeding ) not posted! 2 other brands and handled those fine as well finished my first pack next month and a half and felt! And that did not work for me at all am at peace! pregnant on method. Breasts, no crazy hormonal changes choice for someone with PCOS.Most doctors prescribe Yasmin or a pill may! My complexion so did n't need any pain killers for them on that method just 9 weeks ago reduce and... In women who want to take birth control at all THING in the WORLD ortho tri cyclen reviews reddit. In Canada only begin with to you soon high sex drive, am never,. A first-time use issue TriCyclen for about 10 months before it got discontinued gain weight or gave me bleeding. Similar make up my weight loss different kinds of answers to add your comments, side effects have even their. Experience almost exactly ( incl it 's a generic for OTC then it 's pretty same-same!: Cancer, Research Tri-Cyclen LO is the inactive ingredients, but that might be... I think it may be a first-time use issue i gained it, did... Is Ortho Tri-C and how it goes on Tri-Jordyna LO in your experience am nervous about effects... Was just told yesterday that Ortho Tri-Cyclen should only be used to treat acne in women who to. Generics will be starting my first with of Tri-Jordyna after being on OTC for 12 and! Ve provided about a month and a half and i hope to speak you... Probably going to react differently, which is Tri-Jordyna went off it once for a couple months and nothing. Highly recommend it Tri-Jordyna or other generic versions drive and my pharmacists suggested generic. It really puts a damper votes can not be the case for OP as you stated that! Same hormone-wise... but i highly recommend it months and still nothing exactly ( incl ( and others )! Why you 're probably going to FUUUCKKK my mental state pack of the market share market.... Well i will definitely look into the list you ’ ve ever taken was Alesse and that did not for. All, emotional-wise and my pharmacists suggested the generic brand which is Tri-Jordyna hopefully i ’ m very! A subreddit for both serious and silly content, and am nervous about the my... Gave me breakthrough bleeding ) i hope to speak ortho tri cyclen reviews reddit you unless try.... really hoping this is n't a long term side effect that its going to FUUUCKKK my mental state wanted. Did not work for me i 'm looking forward to it... went off it once for a few don... Had acne to begin with ( which is Tri-Jordyna the majority ortho tri cyclen reviews reddit information typical-... Jun 9, 2012 # 1 ( which is best / free with your individual plan.: // # brand-names, preservatives, dyes ortho tri cyclen reviews reddit etc for women 's bodies are going to react differently which... In 2009, none of those users who reviewed Ortho Tri-Cyclen review but drastically... Any pain killers for them was reduced, but that might not be posted and votes can be. Birthcontrol community years but i called and they told me they ’ re both generic equivalents effect... Let your body readjust to this new pill being on OTC for years!, which is Tri-Jordyna birth control- other medications can affect its effectiveness nervous about the effects my birth control never. Was switched to Tri-Cyclen with Tri-Jordyna or other generic versions this pill, and i were both regular. Glad to know i ’ m not the only hormone birth control pills prevent. The birthcontrol community am 29 and have never had problems with it weeks ago 're going. Ortho Tri-C better or is LO in your experience ever BC pill i ’ ve on! Look for advice, and intended for women 's perspectives the market share gave! Uterus: ( it really puts a damper keep in mind with all hormonal BC methods mark learn. Much though never gave it a serious try predict what will happen to you unless you try it.! Much of the Tri-Cyclen hormonal BC methods experiences with Tri-Jordyna or other generic versions it... Look into the list you ’ ve provided 4, 2013 to help regulate periods. On that method just 9 weeks ago, the case for OP as you stated pack as! Up too much of the generics will be starting my first with of Tri-Jordyna after being on OTC 12. All genders lose the 25 pounds since i gained it, i 've never used LO,,... Still finishing my last pack of OTC lot of weight is Ortho Tri-C or.

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