The bottom could be useful for dashing to get something you really want at the end of a scenario. So it makes sense to upgrade this with additional damage and increased range. Especially because it’s a loss. 50 Money Tokens 6. That can be up to 6 monsters in one go! No wonder you get an experience point for looking so epic! Seeing as you only have Forceful Storm that can generate Wind once and then it’s lost, you’re reliant on others to make the most of this card. This is a character who can go to a tank and starts with 10 health. There is also an editor which can be used to create any layout which then may be shared as URL. Another great bonus for a melee focussed Cragheart. The move 5 is welcome as a slow-moving Cragheart. The reason for this is that monsters/summons will treat traps/hazardous terrain as obstacles unless there is no other path. Adding Wind to the room is only useful for Nature’s Lift (which we’re going to leave out of the level 1 deck) so it’s not a priority for you. It’s also not a loss so you can use it several times per scenario. Dirt Tornado is a great card for us. Brilliant! Traps and invisibility? Upgrading your abilities is a fantastic way to get the most from your Cragheart ranged build. A small +1 bonus to ranged damage? Given that top abilities are usually damage dealing and lower abilities are usually movement, this ability is a nice way to do some additional damage with your second action. Gloomhaven Live Play Video: Featuring Aftermath, the Sawbones Solo Scenario Details: Recorded November 15th 2019 Scenario: Sawbones Solo. Fill description of each condition/effect. This ability deals 2 direct damage to everyone too. Get rid of Earthen Clod (weak ranged ability and weak heal) and Crushing Gasp (melee focus, earth generation replaced by Avalanche). Even when a Savvas has mastered an element, the element is still a natural force and so may be difficult to control. Has a couple of nice bonuses if it works out for your situation. Level 1 is where you get to look through a lot of cards at the same time and really get a feel for the Cragheart as a character. In which case, drop Crater. Put this card in your hand. Board Game Box 1: Gloomhaven. It actually makes it worth it for those times when you have to go and take a hit to protect allies with lower health. Create a rock wall and cause damage to anyone in the way! I 3D printed these items for my gloomhaven campaign but never ended up using them because I didn't want to paint. Shame it doesn’t do any of that additional movement damage we love, but it’s still handy. While the area of effect is a melee, it’s very powerful. if your ability applied a "push 1," and your attack modifier card applied a "push 1," you could decide to push 1 or 2 since they are separate effects). It’ll save you one health each use. Then, if you want some armour, get the Ignore negative items effects perk so you can wear it without penalty. Creating obstacles and destroying them is an interesting aspect of the Cragheart class. Certain abilities may apply conditions to their targets. From Level 1 to Level 9, you’ll use Massive Boulder frequently for the Earth generation and the directly dealt splash damage. With this top ability we also get to create Earth and get an experience point. It makes a nice change for the Cragheart to heal an ally as a by-product rather than damage them! We pick up Rock Slide. Add Curse as the upgrade, and suddenly all those monsters are now Cursed and Muddled. But what has changed in Jaws of the Lion to make it more … Gloomhaven is a campaign-style game for 1 to 4 players that combines tactical combat with role-playing elements to create a board game experience that is impressive and daunting in scope. Just from the name of this card, Massive Boulder, it sounds like a great fit for a ranged build. Last Friday was my chance to try playing Gloomhaven by myself. But no worries. A weaker, longer-range version of Crater, Earthen Clod’s top ability is good for when you first enter a room and can’t reach the furthest monsters. But there are odd occasions where destroying an adjacent obstacle helps you with line of sight for ranged abilities and you’ll get an experience point for causing some chaos. Don’t take the add -2 card and two +2 cards if you don’t want to have a more variable draw deck. So we drop Unstable Upheaval and pick up Rock Slide. Attack abilities will often have effects that increase their power. Always aim to create Earth and then consume it. Yes, you’ll get Muddle on the adjacent monsters, but that relies on them being around. The top ability is ok. There are many build options, but this Cragheart build guide focuses on the ranged build. Then it goes from dealing 7 damage across 7 hexes, to 16 damage across 8. But the retaliate of 1 isn’t hugely powerful and it only lasts for the round. This character makeup for its looks, intelligence and their size and strength. A situational melee ability is not what we want. It’s a shame to lose the 46 initiative of this card (which is actually still quite fast for a Cragheart!). But with Earth elements being difficult to come by at lower levels, you may not want to waste one on this Push. And it’s a loss too. That’s quite a large opening in the middle of a monster group. Just hope that your allies know you have good intentions at heart! Adding Poison to the top ability of this card will Poison all monsters next to the obstacle you target. They can be pushed into hexes with traps, but doing so will not trigger the traps. A decent card for our build, with some nice fallout damage and a much needed move of 4. If they don’t pick up on it, their loss. Nothing very exciting with a move 3. This is a remix and customization of multiple other mods, content from BGG, and custom content. The lower ability is useful if you plan on doing a melee hit with your other action. When Summons Attack Obstacles, What Initiative Value Do The Obstacles Have When Resolving Tie-breakers For Monster Focus? What a lovely take on a ranged ability! It leaves you free to focus on other things. The melee ability on Cataclysm is brilliant. I hope you have as much fun playing a ranged Cragheart as I did! What started as a personal Dungeons & Dragons-campaign-turned-board game, that first launched to the relatively modest tune of $386,000, quickly … This boxed set can be played as a standalone game or as an expansion to Gloomhaven. Whereas Poison gives everyone in your party a +1 damage against the monster while it remains Poisoned. Yes, please! For a ranged Cragheart we want to focus on abilities which offer ranged damage, ranged damage boosts, a heal just in case and any other unique cards that can help us. I’d recommend taking the perks in the following order. If not, it’s no worse than the basic move 2 action. But it’s a loss. Even when you do, it only adds 2 range, which isn’t an amazing buff. It does depend on you being in the centre and ideally with no allies in the area, but even so, it’s amazing when you pull it off. As a ranged build Cragheart, you may find yourself creating obstacles in one turn so that you can destroy them in the next to cause damage. Fast initiative. Gloomhaven, the digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game, mixes Tactical-RPG and dungeon-crawling. I think the Cragheart is most at home as a ranged damage dealer so that’s what this build guide focuses on. 8 1 2 4 1 2. Blind Destruction is a clear choice for a ranged Cragheart. It does do 3 damage in each hex so up to 12 damage over 4 monsters in your turn, but we will rarely be in a position to use it. Even your allies caught in the way will understand your decision to use it. Hare is the Gloomhaven Characters list : The Brute is a part of a barbaric and race primitive. Right now, we want more obstacles and Earth more than we want a situational melee ability. Overall Rocky End is an ok card. If you follow this ranged build guide, you’ll only want to add upgrades to the cards that you’re going to keep to make it worthwhile. Then, add the next two Earth cards and finally take the Push and Muddle cards. [4]. Play it early in the scenario to get 4 points just for doing what you’re good at – throwing rocks. Just to clarify, if you consume Earth, the damage is not issued twice, only once. 504 Character Ability Cards 12. In Gloomhaven, is the leading card chosen for initiative after or before monster cards are revealed. This post may link to online stores. For an alternative build that occasionally tanks, this card would be great. But to make room for Avalanche and Clear the Way we need to drop 2 cards. And it is! This rule applies to pushes/pulls done by monsters as well. The other advantage to playing it early is that you get to make the most of Muddle early on in the scenario. To make the most of it, consume Earth for the extra damage and experience bonus. For us though, it’s not hugely useful. If an attack effect is listed on an ability card after an attack, the target (or targets) of the attack is subject to the additional effect as well, after damage from the attack is resolved. With an initiative of 38, Earthen Clod is the Cragheart’s 4th fastest starting card which makes this card even more useful. 11 3 2. It tracks initiative, monsters, and characters so you can focus on playing the game rather than bookkeeping. Can we push/pull flying enemies through obstacles and allies?Yes. If you have Backup Ammunition in play too, you’ll gain an extra target on Dirt Tornado and deal damage to 8 hexes instead of 7 that turn. We take Brutal Momentum. Crushing Grasp (Creates Earth) – for Earth generation. You could always hit and run with this card too. It gives you an extra push hex along with stacking damage and the obstacles aren’t destroyed in the process (so you can still throw them at monsters!). You accept the, 15 Awesome Gloomhaven Accessories & Upgrades article, 15 Awesome Gloomhaven Accessories and Upgrades, Gloomhaven Classes – Starting Characters Overview and Rank, Gloomhaven Unlockable Classes Revealed (No campaign spoilers), Mindthief Guide – Damage with Stun Build & Strategy, Scoundrel Guide – Single Target Poison Build & Strategy, Spellweaver Guide – Area of Effect Build & Strategy, Tinkerer Guide – Crowd Control Build & Strategy. What if there are multiple blocked and/or unblocked paths? Everyone takes 1 damage to gain a shield of 2 for just one round. Any instant monster-defeating ability is worth having in your deck. A really useful card for our build. A heal of 4 is pretty good for level 1 and is always handy to have in your hand. 16 3 4. However, a 1 hex ability can come in very handy. Condition is "New". Other name ideas I had were: The Cragheart ranged build is so much fun to play. So hopefully you’ll draw high on the modifier and deal a good amount of damage to your main target! It’s nice to have an upgrade to Heaving Swing. Jump may help us to shortcut some distance too. At least at level 1 anyway. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. The "-" means that it has no base for that stat. This is evaluated one hex at a time until the effect is fully resolved or there are no valid hexes for the figure to move into. As a melee ability with situational hex positions, the top ability is not what we’re looking for in a ranged build. How about you introduce them? But as a ranged Cragheart, creating obstacles isn’t an important focus for you. The bottom ability is also an upgrade to Heaving Swing. This versatility is brilliant because you can go any way you like with your character. Unfortunately, the bottom half adds no value. Or use it with Massive Boulder to throw two massive boulders instead and do adjacent damage to two groups. The top ability has the potential to be great, but there’s no guarantee. A heal a turn for the next 5 turns is a great ability. The movement of 5 is the highest movement of all the cards you can choose from at level 1. But let’s face it, you’re going to use the top ability every time! Detail monster-specific conditions in FH (as per Isaac's comments in PAX). With a hand limit of 11 cards, you’ll only be using just over a third of the cards at any one time. The Savvas take great pride in their ability to master the elements and Savvas who fail are exiled. If you click a link and buy something, I may get a commission. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The condition remains on the figure until the requirements for removing the specific effect are met. Board games, TTRPGs, miniatures - everything tabletop games! It may not sound very fast, but a move of 4 for the Cragheart is pretty good. Then you want to reduce the chances of drawing a poor modifier so you want the three replace one -1 card with one +1 card perks. A figure's turn starts when the previous figure ends their turn and ends when the next figure begins theirs. Rock Tunnel – for the high movement ability. No, allies cannot be targeted at all, even if the ability isn't an attack. Path 3 is 5 hexes to get to Bones 6. The ability to create Earth is much needed at level 1 and even though you’re concentrating on ranged abilities, a melee ability is useful. Are obstacles with hit points considered enemies? Monster in your face? Path 4 is 4 hexes, but it goes through an obstacle, so for determining focus I believe we're supposed to treat obstacles as barriers unless there is absolutely no other possible path. Last review June 2020. Nice! Ranged, melee, healing and even some tanking abilities allow for a lot of options. The area of effect is pretty big so unfortunately you may catch some of your allies in that area. +1 Range may not sound like much, but it can really help you deal damage to groups that are further away from you when you enter a room. The top of Pulverize is a situational ability. The Cragheart is slow, not just in initiative, but in movement too. No need to draw a modifier for this so you can go straight through those shields. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Just pay attention to what benefits you most as a ranged build and how you can overcome the frustrations you come across when playing. Rock Slide. That’s a potential of 36 damage. That would be a welcome addition to the deck. Yes, it is a loss, but it’s worth it to deal up to 36 damage on one turn. Smash the crowd with this as your first move and then run away with a bottom movement ability. And they are all better for us than Meteor. I suggest Poison instead of a +1 damage upgrade because a +1 damage only benefits you on your turn. There may not be any obstacles and traps for you to move through. It’s also worth noting that the splash damage is direct damage which ignores shields. Correct. I’d suggest taking a Heater Shield for the same reason as the health potion – you will be expected to take the occasional hit. The effect is incredible. Campaigns have always been a co… Another would be nice, but not essential. What does "closer" and "further" mean for push/pull? The Black Barrow: The Official Gloomhaven Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Playing Demolitionist in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion The Demolitionist is primarily a melee fighter at her base. Up to 7 monsters are immediately Cursed and Muddled. Use Forceful Storm to +2 to melee damage this round, then use Unstable Upheaval +3 damage, ideally consume Earth from your previous turn too and deal a +5 hit to every monster within 2 hexes of you! Brutal Momentum is like Heaving Swing boosted. A great ranged ability with area of effect, Disarm debuff and a nice way to rack up some experience points. But as a ranged Cragheart, creating obstacles isn’t an important focus for you. Bane is a new mechanic introduced in Frosthaven in an attempt to replace kill mechanics, in order to avoid OTKs and in order to balance the actions of monsters and characters (no monsters had the kill ability in Gloomhaven). What happens if there are multiple push/pull effects used in the same ability? 5 Experience from one action is awesome. The top ability of 3, range of 3 is just ok. Your email is only used for updates and email-based ad targetting. Retaliate triggers after all effects of an attack have been applied. We just have to run in a straight line. Such a useful upgrade! For each card at this level and all other levels, I evaluate it from a ranged Cragheart perspective. Imagine your Cragheart jumping from one side of a room to another. If there are multiple unblocked hexes, the players decide. Earth is hard to come by at level 1. But is it worth it? It’s a loss too. You’ll need to judge if friendly fire is worth it. If you like this Cragheart guide, check out: Brute tank build guide, Scoundrel single target poison guide, Spellweaver Area of Effect guide, Tinkerer crowd control build guide and Mindthief damage with stun build guide. EmilyHi, I’m Emily, the tabletop gamer behind My Kind of Meeple. Not for a ranged Cragheart build, no. This is a fancy move 2 ability. The 3 melee damage is fine in case you find yourself at close range. No wonder you also generate Earth and get 2 Experience for the rare occasions when you manage to use it. Then boost your modifier deck with the +2 Muddle and +1 Immobilize cards. Literally. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without permission. Just think of the possibilities with the extra target. It depends. So you may find yourself using this move 3 if Dirt Tornado doesn’t work for a situation you find yourself in. Obstacles cannot be moved through, unless the movement is modified by Jump . We also don’t need the heal and the Wind bonus from Nature’s Lift. This is an awesome ability with the potential to do 4 damage to 9 monsters and immobilize them all! Backup Ammunition, Dirt Tornado and Forceful Storm are all still really useful cards. One of the reasons I love the Cragheart is that it is a versatile character to play. Also note that summons (or monsters) with "-" movement can still be pushed and pulled. My Cragheart was called Buried Deep. What happens if a figure is immobilized or stunned and they are pushed/ pulled? Pillar nearby? Your combos will change from level to level as your cards change. If the retaliating figure is pushed out of the range of its retaliate, it also does not trigger. The 35 initiative is your 3rd fastest card available at level 1, so it’s useful to have in your hand for that. Only one of each condition type may be applied to any single figure at a time, however, conditions can be reapplied to refresh their duration.[2]. Well that’s an interesting way to create an obstacle. The intent is to be a 100% complete Gloomhaven mod, focused on quality of life improvements to make the gameplay easier & faster, and making unlockable content unlock naturally (rather than being based on not reading parts of the page or cross-referencing lookup tables). The top of Avalanche for example, but it has the ability to generate Earth on the bottom and to create obstacles. It’s also a melee ability. An initiative of 41 is pretty good for your hand. But when you consider the additional direct damage of 1 to everything adjacent, this ability is great. is owned and operated by Emily. A ranged Cragheart doesn’t need another top heal, you can’t really take advantage of the bottom ability. Maybe you can cryptically encourage them to move out of your way when everyone is selecting cards. However, if it is pulled into retaliate range, it would trigger. Taking it to a potential 5 damage, 16 hex ability. If you’re looking for something like this, you’ve come to the right place. These effects (except experience gains) are optional and can be skipped. This article is a complete guide to a ranged Cragheart build from level 1 to level 9. Note that these are 3D printed and are pretty good quality but not perfect. Unusual to see a Move action as a top ability. Creating obstacles is a unique Cragheart ability, and it makes for an interesting build option. The range of 4 helps with making it more usable too. Just for fun, I thought it’d be cool to share some Cragheart name ideas. What do we choose for our final card to drop? If you kill an enemy with the damage, then it is no longer around to be pushed onto a trap or cursed. There is a lot of important information in the Scenario Book that should be noted: 12 3. A boulder may shatter into a few too many pieces, running through a room may damage the floor and falling rocks may not land in the right places. Better still, it’s not a loss so you can pair this with any of your other moves and do this several times per scenario. Obstacles have 99 initiative for resolving focus ties. Every monster caught in it is now cursed. A loot ability is absolutely not essential to collect some gold. Gloomhaven is a great game but it takes a lot of time to get all of the components sorted and setup each time, and actually get to playing. It’s getting tough to know what to drop now. But how often will we have the opportunity to use it? 6 Monster Stat Sleeves 9. There are three versions of this document: 1. What Exactly Is The Timing Of A Figure's Turn? Dirt Tornado is a non-loss card, so you can cast it multiple times per scenario. There we explain about the best Gloomhaven Characters in the Gloomhaven Guide. We’ll leave Meteor. But the top ability is based on a situation that your ranged Cragheart won’t be in very often so it’s not worth it. Well you can with Backup Ammunition! Unstable Upheaval – yes it’s melee but with a potential 18 hex area of effect. There are better choices available for your ranged Cragheart at Level 1. Exclusive email updates! Hardly ever. Seeing as we’ve already left one create Earth out by excluding Avalanche, we want Rumbling Advance in our hand. Note that you do need to hit a monster in at least one of the hexes to heal any allies in the targeted area. It gives you +2 to your ranged damage abilities instead of +1 if you consume Earth. Now that we want to manipulate obstacles even more, we want to pick up Avalanche from Level 1 for the create obstacles ability and the Earth generation. (8 if you use Backup Ammunition to add an additional target). Not so much for us. Can we push/pull enemies through other enemy figures? You aren’t planning to be the tank with a ranged build. Take our ranged build Cragheart who draws on Earth, for example. README-no-large-images.mdhas most of the screenshots from the rule book replaced with links to those images and is only about 2MB. It is so much fun. This year Isaac Childres and Cephalofair Games published a new version of Gloomhaven, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion. That’s a few too many requirements for this ability to be used all that often. It’s not fantastically strong, but the bonus heal ability makes it versatile. 4x (1 hex) Obstacle Altar; 4x (1 hex) Obstacle Nest; 6x (1 hex) Obstacle Boulder; 4x (2 hex) Obstacle Large Boulders; 4x (3 hex) Obstacle Huge Boulders; 3x (2 hex) Obstacle Table; 4x (2 hex) Obstacle Bookcase; 4x (2 hex) Obstacle Sarcophagus; 2x (1 hex) Obstacle Crystal // Obstacle Crate; 6x (1 hex) Obstacle Stalagmites // Obstacle Bush; 6x (1 hex) Obstacle Rock Column // Obstacle Totem There are 30 ability cards to choose from for the Cragheart from level 1 to level 9. Bane is compared to the Doom mechanics in some other video games [3]. It’s a loss card but it can help you to run away from a bunch of monsters and stop them from chasing you down. It has the potential to damage up to 7 if you have one monster in the centre and the rest surrounding it. Play it before you use Forceful Storm and you get to deal 3 damage on another target, disarm them and get an extra experience point. That means two hits of 3 damage on two separate targets with directly dealt splash damage of 1 on anyone next to them. Simply select a scenario from dropdown and click a hex to see the line of sight information. 1 Scenario Book 7. The low initiative of 23 is great. The low initiative and melee focussed abilities on Kinetic Assault make it a fantastic card for melee build Craghearts.