For instance, in the above section I speak a lot about Shadow Chaser but if you aren't fighting any, you won't need as much AGI, LUK or STR since Masquerade skills won't be a problem. The maximum ATK increase it can gain is +60, which is outperformed by +9 HBP and a STR-based GSS with proper cards inside. However, the most practical and affordable solution is to use a Minstrel's Poem of Bragi. Slightly less accessible than Dark Pinguicula, due to Duneyrr spawning far less frequently. When you kill Fish race monsters, add chance to drop. Water property resistance +5%. Passive. HP +300. So if your level 75 main has a level 70 pet and you rest and stash your pet in the shared storage, your level 40 character can only have the same pet at level 40. For 60/90/120 seconds, increase your movement speed. As a Mechanic, the easiest way to increase DPS is not to up your raw attack power, but to increase the rate at which you can spam your skills. Strike at melee range a 7x7 field for 500~700% ATK damage and create a lava flow that hits for 1000~1800 fixed Fire property damage every 0.5 second, additionally inflicting Stun and Burning at a 10~50% chance. Additionally, your available options will only reduce one specific skill's cool downs as opposed to lowering every skill universally. If refine level >= +6, Perfect Dodge +5, ranged attack resistance +20%. A consumable item to use the Mechanic Magic Gear Skill, Arm Cannon. Max HP/SP +5%. To begin the quest, simply visit your Guild Hall and talk to the Orloum Valkyrie on the upper left side of the map. 818363-0093 Lunes - Viernes 8:30 - 19:00 Sábados 09:00 - 16:00 Domingos 09:00 - 14:00: how to increase physical damage increase ragnarok mobile… Madogear builds especially will want this when restocking on fuel and cannon balls. For PVP/BG/WoE, Kickstep Card is a better pick. However, there are many drawbacks which make it less competitive than other options for most situations. If you solo'd instead, turn in your 91-99 Eden Board quests. Arm Cannon fires upon the enemy using a large cannon mounted on the Magic Gear's arm. Neither of those skills are useful in any way aside as a stepping stone to Finding Ore, should you choose to get this. 30~70% chance of stunning enemies in a ranged 5x5 area. Axe Training, Magic Gear License, Mainframe Restructure, Research Fire / Earth, Hilt Binding, Weaponry Research, Skin Tempering - Passive buff set. You should prep builds to swap into depending how many of a certain job class you're seeing. Quest skill, so no cost to get, should be permanently active. This and the DEX Supplement Equipment are the first two armour pieces I would aim to buy as an Axe Mechanic build. Blast a 5x5/7x7/9x9 area with ice to deal Water property damage at 600~1200% ATK . It can be handy for the additional ASPD, but given the difficulty in farming these items, it's likely better to rely on the Crimsons and save your pie-in-the-sky dreams for a nicely enchanted Vicious Mind. Cold Slower is another option, but will generally not be as useful due to Marc Card or other forms of Frozen resist being quite common. Take advantage also of BG's Box of Sunlight to remain alert of enemies beyond the range of Infrared Scan. As each drop's worth is volatile, I've included market links for each of them so you can see for yourself if the card is still worth using. MaxHP +4% for every 3 refine levels. For the enchant, it's a large toss up depending on what you want your secondary role to be. 1 [Fatal Wound] +5%, and using [Mammonite] or [High Speed Cart Ram], has a chance of casting Lv. If level 130 or above, additional cast delay -10%. Lockstep is by far the best one to combo with. It's been years, but this is still the de facto standard card for blocking common Frozen effects. It's now become a decent cheap armour to use in the event you need a card slot for utility. Once your Guild reaches level 3 and opens up the Facility Lobby in the Guild Hall, each member can begin working together towards achieving Guild Challenges. A negative: it's Wind property. For any DPS Madogear, either in PVM or PVP, this is the headgear to work for. There's no point to taking any of them unless you're doing a weird Veteran Axe [2] build (note: don't). Most are buildable but some aren´t. Cheap, easy to get boost for cast speed and increasing Knuckle Boost damage. Quite easy to obtain. Transcend to Whitesmith. Use Magma Eruption if the MVP summons more slaves to attack you, or other enemies start to aggro on you. Use Infrared Scan a lot when dealing with Thief advanced classes. Frus Card gives enemy MATK fighters something to consider when they try to take you out with magic, as very few magic classes are capable of tanking their own attacks. It's not bad to start with, but do your best to upgrade as soon as possible. In terms of raw attack power, Hurricane's Fury is the strongest axe in the game, edging out the Crimson Two-Handed Axe at equivalent upgrade levels. No need for 3rd mino. Low chance to recover 5% of damage dealt to HP and SP when physically attacking. Max it. SP costs of those buffs shouldn't be that problematic, and you'd probably benefit more from ASPD and HP increases. As it's account-bound, you'll need to make it yourself. If weapon refine level >= +10, additional Axe Tornado damage +20%. Compared to the Crimson Mace, it has one less card slot, but higher base weapon ATK and is level 4, granting it higher refinement bonuses. STR for damage, VIT for more survivability since you're fighting close-range all the time, AGI for attack speed, LUK and DEX for additional ATK and INT won't do much for you. Against monsters, it will instead decrease their ATK or DEF by 25% for 5 seconds. So hopefully, regardless of whether you are just starting to play the game or have become a veteran from playing since day one, our guide has helped you even boost your motivation on the game even more. Repair broken equipment back to a usable state using metal items in your inventory. 450 ATK. Axe build has this as less of a priority, Madogear builds will want it maxed quickly to enhance their movement speed. Read and write reviews on RO Private Servers. Your end goal boots for Madogear and Axe Boomerang. While in Madogear, you cannot receive standard healing and certain buffs. It's pretty well rounded and relatively inexpensive, though there is no card slot to take advantage of. AGI, LUK and every 100 free weight will reduce the chance of a Masquerade connecting. For Arm Cannon, it's further faced with cast delay. Each blessing costs 34 contributions so you may want to think hard about choosing to invest here or on your Aesir Temple buffs. If you want to get Cart Termination, you need to have learned Lv10 Mammonite. A nice cheap slotted armour with resistance to some more annoying status effects. This is only needed if you aren't learning the Repair skill, or if you're soloing. I can dream. Apply for free trial or contact support to get free trial cloud phone. For Madogear builds, it can save quite a bit of Zeny if you manage to complete the card set for cheap. Wind property. Set bonus: With Kick and Kick Card or Lockstep Card or Charleston Card: Do not consume Magic Gear Fuel when using Madogear skills. Full Throttle - OPTIONAL. A lava field lasts for 5 seconds. You can also upgrade the Bizarre Cat Litter Box and earn better rewards later on. The best area to farm Demon race monsters is undoubtedly Geffenia, and there are a few instances that are predominantly Demon race: When you kill any monster, add chance to drop. An alternative to the WoE Plate, the WoE Suits provide extra ranged damage prevention at the cost of less HP. PERSONALITY AND HISTORY With the set bonus, that gets doubled to times 6. You can reset it to 0 once you're max level if you decide to stop using it. The weapon with the highest attack power for a mech is the pile bunker at 450 atk. While in a Gramps party, keep the following in mind: Same strategies as before, run around to mob them up and Cart Revolution everything down. When you're not using Axe Boomerang or Knuckle Boost, or otherwise don't need the delay reductions of DEX Supplement Equipment, these should be equipped over the Verus accessories. Can be handy to use if you have alternate characters that require gemstones as skill catalysts. It can be used to break Reflect Shield on some MVPs but they are few and far between. All stats +1, MaxHP +1000, MaxSP +100, MDEF +10. While this is one of the more worthwhile drops, the trouble is finding decent places to farm Fish enemies. Bypass 20% DEF of DemiHuman race enemies. All other property resistance -50%. Absurdly expensive, but at high refines, this becomes the best upper headgear piece for a solo Arms Cannon Madogear build. This guide will teach you how to get free Stat Reset (Eternal Rock) and Skill Reset Rod items in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love so you can reset your stats and skills. Crimson 2H Axe has one additional card slot against this, which will make Hurricane Fury overall weaker for skill spamming. Mado Mech Knuckle Boost or Arm Cannon? It is the only area of effect (AoE) attack that Merchant->Blacksmith/Whitesmith has, so it's mandatory for solo-levelling. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 adds the Divine Spirit Tree feature. Essentially, any time that you would use. If refine level >= +9, Max HP +15%. Be forewarned that in an instance party, your damage output is very low and you offer little else in the way of support. If I succeed, I attempt to push my first copy to the same level. FAWs are very gimmicky. Later on, you can combine this with other skills for an immensely powerful set of opening attacks. I would recommend hanging onto a Thanatos Axe any way, as extra leeching gear is handy to keep around. WoE Weapon Supply Box at a 7.2% chance. The HIT bonus is mostly negligible, but ASPD is always appreciated (assuming that you are not close to 193 ASPD, in which percentage based bonuses become less noticeable). ...Or, you could just smash it and save yourself a skill point. Perfect for MVPing. I leave it maxed so I can open shop immediately instead of having to talk to Reset Man. Reduce damage taken from players by 2%. Notably, at +9 you can get Expert Archer 3 enchant, which changes it into an offensive boosting garment. Gold Medals can be acquired by sacrificing rare items and contributing them to guild donations. In a lot of online games though, guild contributions and donations often lead to strengthening the guild exclusively without actually imparting individual benefits based on the actual effort and dedication of its guild members. If level > 70, ATK+5 for every 10 levels (ATK+85 at Lv175). Airship set overall is an okay set after Eden Group's. Literally the only card you should be running for an Axe Boomerang build. Builds were also based on who I mostly played with, and that is, my guild, Sicario on PH21 and hence the builds I provide here might not be applicable for all or people who prefer solo play. The main disadvantage is the Zeny cost of skill catalysts, as well as a limited number of skill points that you need to spread over a large number of skills, requiring you to focus on certain aspects over others. However, as a(n underfunded) Mechanic, you'll have an immensely difficult time providing anything of value to the party. In the event you get Shadow Form cast on you, use a Slide skill to get out of visible range to cancel the skill. With enchants, choose STR to upgrade into Fighting Spirit and try for Bear's Might. Weapon variance can be pretty huge, so eliminating it altogether is a nice thing. Get variable casting time to 0. Front Side Slide, Back Side Slide - If faced against a bunch of trap users (Ranger, Shadow Chaser, Summoner, etc.). Set bonus: With Reinforced Parts - Engine, Reinforced Parts - Booster, Reinforced Parts - Gun Barrel, Arm Cannon damage +50%. If you're levelling as a Madogear build, this is a nice stepping stone for ranged AoE if enemies resist Flame Launcher. Skip entirely, or, if you really want the gimmick, max it out because the lower levels will feel like they disappear almost as soon as you set them up. Get as many copies as you can of this weapon so you have one for every purpose. Your primary offensive moves are still Knuckle Boost and Arm Cannon. For any remainder, you can add to VIT for survivability or LUK for damage. You should use this for your utility option card (e.g., Status Recovery). For every refine level, ATK +4. This is practically handed out on many boots. Attack Delay is another option to improve ASPD, while a Spell enchant is an option if you want to lower your cast time. If refine level >= 7, additional Neutral property resistance +5%. Use Shape Shift when up against Sorcerers, Warlocks and Rune Knights. MDEF +1. Definitely try for this card if you can. VIT +1, AGI +1. Arm Cannon damage +20%. Fire property resistance +10%. It only hits one target at a time, which makes it unsuitable for mobbing. You need to be use Axe Boomerang off cool down while spamming Power Swings for the maximum benefit. The standard physical attack card to slot into armour. Stock your Pushcart with junk items to get it to the 8000 weight cap so Cart Revolution is maxed out when you start to mob. Being able to buy NPC items for less zeny is an amazing boon. Some strategies include: blowing up immediately to take out the brunt of the opposing forces, luring enemies away from your team so they can pick off targets while you get ready to explode after baiting, holding back to provide Mado support before exploding. If you don't use Knuckle Boost too much, Lockstep has your name on it. If refine level >= +6, ignore physical defense of Demihuman monsters +5%, [Slaughter] Lv 2 (Damage bonus of Slaughter increases up to the upgrade level 14. Damage +10% vs. Brute race. As it's account-bound, you'll need to make it yourself. INT+6, VIT+6, LUK-6. It's very affordable, and should only take 2 sessions of Ghost Palace to obtain. If base STR is 120 or higher, additional ATK +40. Coupled with the enchants or other cast delay reduction gear, this is a solid endgame contender against the more traditional GSS and HBP which are explained later. The standard PVP armour piece, alongside the other WoE pieces. Never treat anything I say as the absolute truth or the only way to do something. If this value exceeds 120, you'll need more DEX bonuses from equipment, buffs, etc. Thanks Ticket Machine in Malangdo, 5% chance from Black Paw Jelly Bag for 50 Thanks Invest Tickets. Get total VIT to 100. A slotted mid-piece, nothing more or less. When you hit 99/50, start, but do not complete the Cautious Village quest. Accurate english skill names of knight. Also note that simply gaining ATK percentage bonuses equal to the ones in the table will NOT be enough, as ATK percentage effects only multiply across your weapon and equipment ATK and leaves the status ATK untouched. This guide forms part of a series that covers Stats, Skills, Equip and Leveling. This can be enchanted or re-enchanted once per day by doing Thorn's quest [3], keeping in mind Thorn enchants only one piece a day. Designed to replace the Paladin after its flaws were located, it is a powerful weapon. Consumes a Magic Gear Fuel and one cannon ball. Boxes acquired by Wolfchev's Laboratory and Malangdo Culvert, and dropped by select monsters in Bio Labs 3, Bio Labs 4, Hall of Abyss guild dungeons. It will definitely be faster to use Mado as you have access to ranged area attacks, while Axe Mechs will be stuck with the far more dangerous to use Axe Tornado (due to it being melee and enemies hitting way harder at Lv 100+). This is almost identical to Green Ferus, just AGI instead of VIT. Weapon Level 3. It should still be well and above most other options. For initial levelling, max this since you're most likely spamming Cart Revolution or auto-attacking mobs. *2 : Certains services ou fonctions peuvent ne pas être disponibles selon le modèle d'imprimante, le pays, la région ou l'environnement d'utilisation. Note that percentage based ASPD boosts from certain equipment will be less effective the closer to maximum you get, so it's often better to have hard flat ASPD boosts, or AGI increases. These boxes can be found in treasure chests at any Hall of Abyss Guild Dungeons. The main stats you want are STR or DEX (for Knuckle Boost). If you want a shield, keeping in mind you have a drastic power drop due to no Axe Boomerang auto-cast: When you first create your character, you'll be on a boat in Izlude. It can be pretty expensive to obtain. Sky Fortress also has a long 3 day cooldown, which means you would need multiple characters to farm at an acceptable rate. Use Magnetic Field for crowd control, the same manner in which you'd use it for PVM. When wielding an axe, increase ATK by 5~50 and HIT by 3~30. Neutral Barrier - Blocks ranged attacks, particularly, Hell's Judgement from many MVPs. Acceleration should always be active to help with mobility. Endless Tower resets every Monday and after each maintenance. Ignore 25% of Physical Defence of Demihuman monsters. This one piece alone will multiply your overall DPS by 3, not even counting its generic cast delay reduction. The Gray set overall is an okay set after Eden Group's. As guilds and its attached system called guild donations have existed in several MMORPGs as well as other online games that works with similar brotherhood concepts, you will naturally be somewhat hesitant to subscribe to the concept as the items or you may have to part with for the sake of making regular contributions are important for you to invest on your character as well. If you're using both melee and ranged attacks and manage to find this as a drop, it's worth considering. Contrary to the name, do note it repairs armours, headgears and accessories as well. There's lots of different ways to get HBPs, so play a lot, refine safely. Increases damage inflicted to DemiHuman targets by 75%. An improved lower headgear piece for PVPing. More usable in WoE when you need to wipe an enemy zerg. Low chance to auto cast Lv1 Maelstrom when hit by magic attacks. When he looks in the mirror in the bathroom, he sees a bearded warrior version of himself. While the skill level cap has increased to 5, it will almost always be better to use Lv2 or Lv3, unless you can kill in one shot with Lv5. Emperiums don’t even count as rare and the items that you can donate to the guild change over time. If base level >= 150, all stats +2. If refine level >=9, then (these effects **override** the above effects): A high refined Heroic Backpack (HBP) is one of the contenders for best in slot by the endgame. If refine level >= 9, Axe Tornado damage +1% for each level of Axe Mastery. Your swaps are going to be for situational defences. This is where we wrap up our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love ultimate guide and hope you still found more than the usual tips and strategies to further advance your characters in the game. You won’t be gaining experience points nor any loot whatsoever inside the dojo so if you are just starting out, it probably won’t be that attractive to you. With Mado Mechanic, you can freely swap between the 4 basic elements via the Shape Shift skill. Always make sure you're either ready to win or completely out of options before Self Destructing. Warp to Orc Dungeon and start mobbing Orc Zombies and Skeletons with Cart Revolution. A possible +60% skill damage modifier to Axe Tornado makes this the best weapon card you can pick when using the skill. All Stats + 1. They have developed their skills beyond forging and basic combat by concentrating on the creation of machines, powered suits, and also an improvement on their Axe abilities. It's not stellar for damage since it's easily outpaced by Mega White Pots, but it can be pretty annoying. Outclassed by Knuckle Boost for single targets, outclassed by Arm Cannon for AoE. Most noteworthy are high speed movement classes like Thief advanced classes, Suras, and other Madogear Mechanics. Ragnarok Mobile Card List with Deposit/Loot Effects and Exchange Prices. Rosa and ancient cape gives 40%. Divine-Pride lists different features. Each member will have to open the gate on his own even if you are in a party so be sure to ready up your personal payment and be readier even once you enter the ruins. He cannot move during the skill channeling. In any case, be sure to choose carefully with each upgrade and begin with an end in mind so you won’t have to do resets afterwards. It's also stellar in PVP where skills that inflict Frozen are very commonplace. For example, say your 190 ASPD build has 1000 ATK. Infrared Scan - If faced with Thief advanced classes (Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser) or people using Frilldora or Smokie cards. Fire a cannon ball at a target up to 9~13 cells away and deal splash damage on a 3x3/5x5/7x7 area. It's not bad, especially if you can get the conditional bonus. Recommended Level: 0 for general PVM, 4 for WoE / MVP hunting. Show Rarity . Browse the Ragnarok Mobile cards, card price, card crafting. Now once both teams are registered you can begin searching for one another and changing the list of groups regularly if you can’t find the other party. First, there are +10 stat foods. You can use the arm cannon runes that adds ignore def, its easy to get 100%. Pick one of any of these. Lv1 Fire (. Welcome to another Grawrz Guide! Axe Tornado damage +20%. Maximizes Weapon ATK variance, making you deal the highest amount of damage possible in every hit. A stronger alternative to the Hero Trade Mail if you need an armour card slot. Reduce damage taken from boss protocol monsters by 40%. In terms of food and consumable buffs, it's not necessary but their usage will make several instances much easier. Arm Cannon - Primary AoE damage skill. In order to learn this skill, you will need to head to /navi alberta 37/41, then pay 10K Zeny. Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play. Just be sure to combo with some SP leeching gear. Given the raw power though, you should be able to kill most basic mobs in a single hit. On top of the adventure questing strategy we mentioned before which can also be done by your third character there are still plenty of ways that both extra characters can contribute to your main character’s progress. This is a bit of a weird one. After this, go for the rest in whatever order you feel is best. If weapon refine level >= +10, additional Arm Cannon damage +20%. Do keep in mind that most of what I write are suggestions. Recommended Level: 5 for Pushcart, up to 10 if nothing else. With regards to the daily contribution of characters in earning additional items from the assistant, do we get to have only one reward for all characters alltogether? For 20~100 seconds, boost the ATK of party members by 5%~15%, and boost your own attack by 5~25%. 250 ATK, Weight 250. For DPSing against an enemy like in War of Emperium, PVP or against an MVP, Arm Cannon Lv2 should always be the pick. Inflict Burning on enemies hit with a 30~50% chance. Revealed enemies have FLEE reduced by 30%. You can further raise your HP, Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, and Magic Defense here and the limit is dependent on your Guild’s level. Experiment, try out different ideas and most importantly, have fun! Each time you try to cast Knuckle Boost or Arm Cannon, you have to wait for that annoying empty bar to fill green before the skill triggers. VIT increases the damage of this skill. The must have reactor would be the STR Supplement Reactor. Additional Holy property resistance +(2 * refine level)%. The convenience farm option, when you don't want to carry Fly Wings anymore. Movement speed while in Madogear will increase per level. Dans ARK: Survival Evolved, vous incarnez un individu échoué sur les rives d'une île mystérieuse appelée The Island (L'Île) où vivent encore des créatures des temps anciens et désignée comme l'Arche (« ARK » en V.O.). Recommended Level: 5. In this guide, I'll be discussing Arm Cannon, and the stats, skills, gear, cards and runes you will need to maximize it's use. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Every attack has a chance to knockback all enemies within a 15x15 AoE by 7 cells. Potentially combine with Magma Eruption for your opening strike. That way, you can play with your Mechanic while still vending. Not as nice as the AGI Supplement Equipment, even with Madogear. Knuckle Boost is best used to interrupt people out of skill casts. Other than that, there's less PVM usage. Any leftover can go here. The real issue is getting it to a good refine level, as most gear will have additional effects at higher refines. Physical Attack Strength to Demihuman monsters +70%. Slot in Aliot Card or Jejeling Card. To tell the non-dispellable foods apart from dropped foods, check the item ID and ensure it starts with 122.

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